Writers from English National Ballet’s Dance is the Word course give their thoughts on their first day at Markova House…

“It was a thrill to be invited to watch Artistic Director Wayne Eagling rehearse his new version of Jeux. Originally choreographed by Nijinsky in 1913, Jeux will be performed as part of the upcoming Beyond Ballets Russes season.

It was fascinating to see how collaborative the choreographic process is. Surprisingly informal, there was much laughter as Wayne and his dancers created new movements.”
Elizabeth McLean

“In the same studio an hour later, there could not have been a more different setting. Sitting on chairs arranged in a circle facing the centre of the room, participants of English National Ballet’s Dance for Parkinson’s programme move their upper bodies with an endearing charm, stamping their feet and chanting along to Stravinsky’s dissonantly iconic Rite of Spring being played on the piano.

Enthusiastically tipping like a teapot and clapping to the beat, the participants constantly had smiles on their faces, seemingly glowing with the pure enjoyment of dance.”
Germaine Cheng