Watch Online: Second Breath by Russell Maliphant

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What our recent performance of Russell Maliphant’s Second Breath at Imperial War Museum North via BBC Arts Online.


Choreography and Direction
Russell Maliphant

Original Stage Lighting
Michael Hulls

Andy Cowton

Costume Designer
Stevie Stewart

Collaborative Assistant
Dana Fouras

Carys Staton

Ballet Master and Repetiteur
Antonio Castilla

Tamarin Stott
Nathan Young
Begoña Cao
Joan Sebastian Zamora
Maria José Sales
Daniele Silingardi
Chantel Roulston
Anton Lukovkin
Amber Hunt
Makoto Nakamura
Anjuli Hudson
Joshua McSherry-Gray
Stina Quagebeur
Grant Rae
Jennie Harrington
Shevelle Dynott
Pedro Lapetra
Van Le Ngoc

Stage Manager
Kerry Lewis