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“The word apprentice had a new meaning last Thursday as we found ourselves squeezed around a table at Westminster Reference Library. With the old books of the Performing Arts section as highly inspiring background we listened to Donald Hutera in the hope to distil the right formula for the perfect review. But no pots or pans were used, only our brave minds launched into new and unexplored terrains.”

“Discussions over discussions, reading and comparing, black and white, stars evoked and as the spirits of many great choreographers and critics began crowding the already limited space, the mist began to dissolve. I wish I could say it was a dark and stormy night outside, but in fact the sun was shining and so were the tempting cookies served. Glucose fuelled, we worked hard to weigh up opinions against opinions in fruitful dialogue with Hutera who played the perfect host tackling the right question; Even though journalism might mean many different things, it appeared that most important was for the journalist to be touched by the events. Thus, a journalist is a highly sensitive being interested in real life and emotion. But again, this does not apply to everyone: simply talking about life.”

Katja Vaghi