Adult Ballet

It is a spring evening and the dressing rooms at English National Ballet are a hub of activity. As the day draws to an end for the dancers of the Company, ladies in elegant suits and sky-high heels rush into the changing rooms and emerge transformed; hair in a bun and ballet slippers on their feet.


They are all here to take part in English National Ballet Adult Ballet classes. With four different levels offered and 30 students per class, all that’s left is to choose the right one for you.

Teaching level three this evening is the bubbly Alison Stuart, who with energetic instructions explains the first exercise at the barre to all the bright-eyed pupils. The intricacy is exquisite but are we really going to remember it all? We do our best, and we enjoy trying! The class is attended by a wide variety of ages, all with different stories to tell: there is a gentleman that followed his wife to the class seven years ago and has not stop since, a former ski instructor who takes two classes per week and a Russian lady who trained in ballet as a child. All have a common trait; they enjoy the thrill of moving gracefully around this beautiful studio, where you can feel the traces of the dancers before you. The last exercise has come; we leap across the floor one more time and when the last smiling face has moved across the studio we rest.

Katja Vaghi