A childs perspective: My First Sleeping Beauty

“I went to see My First Sleeping Beauty at the Peacock Theatre in London. I think it will inspire children to like ballet as the dancing is daring and exciting and there aren’t any boring bits.”

“There is a lady who tells the story, which was good as it helps the younger children to know what is going on. Although I did think it made it more like a puppet show than a ballet.

There are three fairy godmothers in tutus; the Songbird Fairy, the Electricity Fairy and the Lilac Fairy. My favourite was the Songbird fairy, because she was good at doing a bird’s fluttering movements, which suited her body. I thought she was very pretty.

Carabosse, who is the evil fairy, looked like Queen Elizabeth Ist. When she leaves the stage there are explosions, which I thought could have been bigger, as it would have been more magical!  At the end she becomes best friends with the Lilac Fairy, which I didn’t think was very realistic because she was so evil before, wanting Princess Aurora to die.

The King and Queen walk about a lot. I thought it was a shame that they didn’t have any dancing. The Prince was a good dancer, but I didn’t think he was handsome enough! I liked Princess Aurora, although I thought her tutu got in the way of the Prince’s mouth when he was trying to pick her up.

My favourite characters were the Bluebird and his princess, whose dancing suited each other, and blue is my favourite colour.

If I had been in the ballet myself I would like to have been Puss-in-Boots’ girlfriend at the wedding party. I like cat movements in ballet because they are expressive and suit ballet style.”

By Leonie Fraser, aged 10

My First Sleeping Beauty National Tour continues until 3 June 2012 with Dance into the Fairytale workshops on stage at each venue for ages 3 – 12. Click here for more information.